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New Mexico | Arizona | The American Southwest

A spiritual journey through the American Southwest in photographs.

Raw, nearly naked (unedited) images from iPhone 6, Nikon D700, Nikon D4, and Pentax k1000 and Nikon F1 00 with various 35mm color & black and white films.

all images circa Nov. '15.


^ my first night in the New Mexico desert, horrific storm rolled in, froze and cried almost all night. Spent a few hours in the car (instead of my sweet little camper named Cricket), crying like a baby and trying to keep warm^ -best memory 2 yrs later lol

^Gila cliff dwellings. 1 hr hike/climb to the top, snow on the ground below in the valley.

Left New Mexico and headed to Arizona thru the Apache National Forest (route 90) ~5 hrs of breathtaking scenic views that I couldn't stop to photograph. Below; Flying Dutchman State Park.