About Me

Just call me Shelley.

Hello and Welcome,

I'm Michelle but go by Shelley and routinely confuse

everyone with this! I've lived along the Florida Coast for 22 years. And although I grew up in the Midwest, I am a southern girl at heart now.

I have two sons and we enjoy living a "homestead" lifestyle about 45 minutes North of Santa Rosa Beach and Destin, FL. Our cabin is set back in the woods on 13 acres. Our latest projects include: an outdoor shower and kitchen. We are looking forward to planting our first garden this spring! I am blessed with Faith in G-d, a small but close Family, and Friends I hold dear.

The beauty and blessings of Love and Family are worth celebrating and documenting here among the gorgeous shorelines and stunning sunsets! I look forward to crafting images of your Family or Wedding Day that you'll cherish forever.



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